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  • A CONVERSATION WITH BILL AYERS Dinesh D’Souza Podcast Ep42


In this special episode, Dinesh engages in a wide-ranging conversation with the radical activist and cofounder of the Weather Underground Bill Ayers. Ayers’ story begins with the domestic terrorism of the 1960s—which got him on the FBI “Most Wanted” list—and culminates in Ayers co-founding Refuse Fascism, one of the leading Antifa groups. In an age where political debate of any kind is rare, let alone on opposite ends of the spectrum, Dinesh probes Ayers on a wide range of topics, from the roots of Antifa and Black Lives Matter to the underlying fascism and racism these groups purport to be fighting. Dinesh and Ayers get into it on socialism, the ruin of the Democratic-run cities, teaching as a revolutionary activity, and digital censorship and the suppression of civil liberties.

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