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  • THE REAL FACES OF THE GOP Dinesh D’Souza Podcast Ep292

THE REAL FACES OF THE GOP Dinesh D’Souza Podcast Ep292

In this episode, Dinesh reviews the claim that Zelensky knows best what's good for his country and makes the case that we need to know what's good for ours.  Dinesh explores whether the Ukraine conflict will end up weakening both Russia and the global imperialists of the West. Debbie joins Dinesh to talk about the multiracial complexion of today's GOP.  Dinesh reveals the real reason the Left is so angry about parents getting involved in their children's education.  Dinesh shows why Ulysses–hero of Homer's "Odyssey"–belongs in the circle of fraud in the depths of Dante's hell.

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What Placed Odysseus, the Hero of Homer's Odyssey, in the Depths of Dante's Hell?
In Fighting Putin's Tyranny We Ought to Avoid the Risk of Resembling It


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