WOKE SUPREMACY Dinesh D’Souza Podcast Ep47

In this episode, Dinesh takes up Senator Tim Scott’s equation of “woke supremacy” and “white supremacy,” arguing that woke supremacy is actually a form of white supremacy. Dinesh reveals how the Washington Post and New York Times have gone full Pravda in their lies about Trump and their devotional coverage of Biden. Dinesh argues that the military leadership has crossed a dangerous line in ganging up on cable TV host Tucker Carlson. David Hogg’s alternative to My Pillow seems to have collapsed, and Dinesh wonders if it’s because he didn’t volunteer to design their logo. And Parler chief policy officer Amy Peikoff gives us the scoop on how the “hit” went down, how Parler got back in business, and what challenges face Parler in protecting itself against future attacks.

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